Timely dental treatments can prevent or delay the need for more invasive or expensive work

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Dental Fillings

Fillings are required when a tooth is decayed, chipped or broken. Whilst decay is largely preventable chips and breakages will occur.

At Belmont Dental Surgery we use composite tooth coloured fillings. If you attend with a single tooth requiring a filling we would do our best to carry out treatment on the day however if you require multiple fillings it is likely that a follow up appointment will be required.

All patients will be given an estimate of the price of their fillings after their initial consultation and before the dentist proceeds, this price is based on the size of the filling required and the material used. It is impossible to give an exact price for a filling before the patient has seen the dentist but we can give you a price range over the telephone.

Gum Disease

Gum Disease

Your gums and the bone structure in your jaws hold your teeth in place, when this area is compromised as is the case in periodontal disease there is a risk of tooth loss and, it is increasingly thought, of an association with systemic diseases including heart disease, stroke and various cancers.

Treating periodontal disease may not only save your teeth but may also contribute to reducing the risk and slowing the progression of other serious conditions.

Beyond regular scaling and cleaning, when the gums are in poor condition, it is possible for your dentist to carry out a more thorough treatment. This involves scaling and root planning under local anaesthetic to remove plaque and calculus from the crown of the tooth and below the gum-line down the roots of the tooth.

Removal of plaque and calculus can reduce the inflammatory response slowing if not stopping progression of the disease. In severe cases your dentist may refer you to a specialist periodontist to help treat and manage your gum disease.

Bleaching & Tooth Whitening

Internal bleaching differs from tooth whitening in that it involves placing bleach in a tooth discoloured after root canal treatment. Not all root treated teeth require bleaching but it can have a significant aesthetic effect.

At Belmont Dental we use a take home method of tooth whitening. After a full check-up and clean to determine whether the patient is a suitable candidate, (active decay or gum disease for example would preclude whitening treatments) impressions are taken and special trays, which fit over the upper and lower teeth, are manufactured. The patient is then issued with a Carbimide Peroxide solution, which they dispense into the trays before wearing them for approximately 1 hour in the evening.

It is important to be realistic when embarking upon tooth whitening treatment as many factors influence what results can be obtained including the original tooth colour, previous dental work such as crowns and fillings and the patient’s diet.

Ask your dentist at your check-up appointment whether you are a suitable candidate for tooth whitening.

Australian Dental Association information on whitening

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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment (RCT), also known as Endodontic Treatment, is a procedure where inflamed or necrotic (dead) nerve tissue is removed from the tooth in order to prevent infection and to preserve the structure of the tooth and surrounding bone.

RCT is usually carried out in response to pain, which can arise due to Trauma, Decay, Cracks in teeth, Old or Broken down Fillings and Excessive wear, amongst other things.


Post Op Info

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

Although our focus in dentistry is generally on preserving teeth, sometimes extractions are unavoidable.

This may be due to fracture or decay but can also be in preparation for orthodontic treatment or, particularly in the case of wisdom teeth, as a preventative measure if problems such as recurring infections are anticipated.

All the dentists at Belmont Dental surgery perform extractions including wisdom tooth extraction in the dental chair however in certain cases you may need to be referred for a day surgery appointment with an Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon (OMS) to have this done under sedation. You are also free to request a referral if you would prefer sedation.

Why do I need to see a specialist to have my wisdom teeth removed?

  • You may have a complicated medical history or be taking medications, which make your case more complex.
  • Your wisdom teeth may be impacted, that is they have not come through the gum and are therefore slightly trickier to remove.
  • Your wisdom teeth may be situated very close to the nerves in your jaw, which increases the risk of post-operative complications.

Please feel free to discuss these and other options with your dentist.

Crowns, Bridges & Implants

At Belmont Dental we use a local Perth based technician to manufacture our crowns and bridges.


A tooth shaped covering that sits completely over your remaining natural tooth (or an implant), right down to the gum line. It functions to protect the remaining tooth underneath, improve its appearance and allows the patient to chew.

An option when teeth are badly broken or have already been filled multiple times as the capping effect holds the remaining tooth structure together. Crowns may also be placed for purely cosmetic reasons although it is usual to try something less invasive such as a filling or veneer in the first instance.

Dental crown


Used to ‘bridge’ the gap caused by one or more missing teeth a dental bridge is cemented onto the tooth or teeth adjacent to the gap in the same manner as a crown.


These can also be successfully used to replace missing teeth. Currently none of the dentists at Belmont insert dental implants preferring instead to refer our patients to a specialist prosthodontist to ensure the best possible result.


Our dentures are manufactured in conjunction with Dental Prosthetist Paul Pronk and the team at Midland Denture Clinic.

We fit both full and partial acrylic and chrome dentures at Belmont Dental although in some cases we may recommend you have the full procedure carried out at Midland Denture Clinic for ease and convenience.

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