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If you have toothache we advise that you see the dentist as soon as possible.

Dental treatment is recognised as the most predictable means of reducing pain of dental origin and, whilst it is not always feasible, we will do our best to see you and to treat your toothache on the day.

Please call as early in the day as possible if you have toothache, and please, if you have an appointment with us which you cannot keep let us know so that we may allocate the time to someone else.

Causes of toothache

  • Decay
  • Gum recession
  • Fracture or crack

Dental Treatments

Broken/Missing Teeth

Broken teeth are one of the most common reasons for patients seeking dental treatment.

Often this is the result of direct trauma to the tooth such as biting down on something hard but also may be caused by decay or an underlying fracture of which the patient was previously unaware.

What can be done with a broken or missing tooth?

Various treatment options exist depending on the problem

  • Simple fillings
  • Veneers
  • Crown, Bridge or Implants
  • Orthodontic Treatment
  • Dentures

If your tooth is broken seeking prompt dental attention may mean the difference between a filling and more complex treatments such as root canal therapy and or crowns. Our advice is to seek dental treatment as soon as possible.

Wisdom Teeth

It’s not always wise to hang onto your wisdom teeth.

Many people experience problems with their wisdom teeth in adulthood due to food trapping and the subsequent development of infection. Sometimes this can be avoided by identifying in teenagers and young adults whether elective surgery to remove partially formed wisdom teeth will help. This falls in line, as do many things dental, with the old adage ‘a stitch in time saves nine’.

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Painful/Bleeding Gums

The most common cause of painful bleeding gums is the build up of bacteria containing plaque around the gum line.

The first stage of this process is gingivitis, which only affects the gums themselves and is in the main readily treatable through professional scaling and cleaning and a commitment to regular brushing and flossing. If the situation is allowed to advance there exists the potential for loss of the tooth completely. Although some patients are more susceptible to periodontal disease than others and will find it harder to manage the disease many cases can be controlled, it is very frustrating for your dentist to see the loss of perfectly healthy teeth due to unhealthy gums.

Gum Disease


It is not uncommon for patients to call us or attend their general medical practitioner requesting a prescription for antibiotics to deal with what they suspect is a dental infection.

If you believe you have a dental infection seeking prompt treatment is important. Antibiotics are not, in most cases, the most appropriate first response. Rather it is essential to diagnose correctly and treat the dental problem in order to remove the source of infection.

Antibiotics in dental care

  • Most toothache is caused not by infection but by inflammation.
  • Even when some infection has been discovered antibiotics may not be needed after dental treatment is carried out.
  • Antibiotics to be prescribed when there are definite signs of an active and spreading infection.
  • Antibiotic resistance is a growing problem and we issue prescriptions only when necessary.

Do not leave a suspected dental infection untreated, see your dentist, an emergency out of hours dentist, or a doctor immediately if you have swelling around the face and neck, severe pain, feel generally unwell and or have a fever.


Dental Treatments

Our practice focus on helping our patients to achieve good oral health includes addressing aesthetic concerns.

If the look of your teeth are causing you embarrassment or discomfort despite the teeth functioning adequately our dentists may be able to help. Our aim is to help you to have the best teeth and oral health that you can personally achieve taking into consideration the combination of constraints all of us are faced with such as our existing teeth and our finances.

What can I do to address aesthetic concerns?

  • Scaling and Cleaning
  • Bleaching and teeth whitening
  • Replacement of fillings
  • Veneers
  • Crowns and Bridges
  • Implants
  • Orthodontic work

Please feel free to discuss these and other options with your dentist.

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